Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Live For Today

Life is beautiful.Each and every moment we live becomes a memory.We cherish good memories.
and it is also true can never forget the bad one too.
We cry over our misfortune .Don't you think we extend it by crying over it.I found that it is not so difficult to be happy in life.Just have to learn that the moment which we are living right now would never come again.
Pessimism may lead you to darkness.Thinking positively and keeping yourself busy would bring you to the top leader of success.Success itself comes with lot of happiness.Why we all work?why we want money ?why love and materialistic things?

I only found that prime reason is to gain happiness.We all search it in various forms.but still fail..

Can we revert our efforts.So that we learn to be happy first and spread it amongst humanity.I think we can gain everything if we are able to bring smile on someone who is sad.

Stop thinking about future and past.they both are never with us.Present is in our hand and it is our friend..So start loving it as the way we do love our friends .really ..Life would be worth to live..I really want to see people around me happy and sound.Love Humanity and make this world a beautiful place.