Tuesday, October 17, 2006

hey all Vegans

Recent studies have shown now more people are turning towards vegetarianism.The reason can be that they are concerned about animal rights.
Or it can be that they have become more health conscious. People those who consume non vegetarian food on a regular basis they are more prone to heart diseases.Obesity is the another major problem. There are many myths, prevailing regarding being vegetarian like

1. physical and mental growth is hampered
2.deficiency of calcium
3.less fibre consumption can affect metabolism

And many more like this, ..........
well answer to all these myths, is noooooooooo
Vegetarian food is rich is all minerals and fibers. Intake of dairy products( like milk, cheese and butter) ,green vegetables and seasonal fruits can be responsible for a proper growth.
So believe me Guys, I am a lacto vegetarian, I am a tall,healthy and smart girl.so be vegetarian

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