Saturday, November 11, 2006

who was she????????

Once upon few years ago ,I was staying with my family in dehradun.I saw something unbelievable, I have been trying to solve out the mystery of that event.
There is a place on the way to mussoirie,known as circuit house,it is full of green trees and road sides are covered with bushes.the road is very smooth but there is a very dangerous turn,so accidents are frequent here .I was around 11 at that time .One night,at 12.30.I heard my mom's voice from out of the window ,calling my name.
I opened the door and went out towards jungle following it,there was an enchantment in that voice,I saw a lady,face was not visible ,she was almost looking like my mom,I could not make out what was the matter.I saw some mist rising from that white shadow.I was scared at that momemt.Suddenly my father grabbed me from back.when I came back with my father my mom was in the house.the lady who was calling me was never visible to my father.My parents asked me to never discuss or think about the incident.but the mystery of that lady is still unsolved .there are still hundred of questions in my mind regarding this incidence.any answers please,Can anyone tell me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHO WAS SHE??????????????????????????????????

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